INTRO: I am laying out my personal strategy for accomplishing my life goals on this page.

1. Values:
a. COMPASSION: I care for others with compassion and understanding.  This is important to me as I have been through my own hard challenges and thus extend the same thought and courtesy to others. I take the time to listen if someone has a personal matter or if someone asks me for insight. It gives a great deal of pleasure to know that I made a difference, or helped in some little way.

b. INTEGRITY: Integrity is important to me as it is a defining core trait in all that you do. To me it means doing the right thing when no one is looking. For instance, like working hard until your shift is complete, being honest in your dealings with people, or not stealing things that don’t belong to you. This is word that should be in every mans’ lexicon.

c. KNOWLEDGE: I value knowledge. Knowledge is the key to success. A successful life, family or relationships can all be based on good knowledge and insight. It is the axis in which life can turn and bring new things and inspiration to your mind. I love learning, especially in my favorite subjects which some include: astronomy, psychology, music writing or self-help therapy. I may not be an expert in these fields, but I enjoy learning more about them and studying them out personally.

2. Mission Statement:
I want to be self reliant and financially stable in my life, so to accomplish this, I have to attend college for a higher education.  I have decided on a career path in Social Work.  I wish to graduate college with a Bachelors in Social Work with a final desire to help Veterans who suffer from PTSD and sexual trauma, to help aid in the path of recovery. I can and will display a high level of professionalism and integrity and I will not compromise my personal values or feelings, for fleeting trendy or spur-of-moment, follies of youth. I do not wish to party, drink, do drugs, or waste my time in frivolous pursuits, but focus on my education, family, and personal development. I will live my life in such a way to be known as a good guy, morally straight, patriotic, and dependable. In the end I will have earned a college degree, accomplished something, and have left a good legacy for my kids to follow and emulate.

3. Action Steps:
a. Obtain my Associate Degree in Addiction Counseling in ~2 years by attending MCTC for the education.  Register for all necessary classes, complete the course, and purchase necessary books or supplies.  Maintain good grades like an 80% GPA.  Studying daily for 2 hours in each assigned class.  Fulfill all the academic requirements of the course in the prescribed time line and semesters. I  will maintain organization by keeping daily assignments with ToDo lists.

b. Maintain professionalism at all times by thinking twice before making comments, not saying the first comment that comes to mind, eliminating possible offensive comments, and avoiding discussing personal matters into some discussions. This will be a daily task and measured by the amount of good friendships made and academic grades earned.

c. One aspect of my integrity will include being dependable.  I will be dependable by showing up for assigned classes and not missing class, in other words, I won’t call in sick.  However, in the event of an absence, I will notify the instructor as described in their syllabus of class. This will be measured by points earned for attending class and participating in the discussions.

4. Inspirational quotes:
“Winners never quit, and quitters never win” -Vince Lombardi
“The only place success comes before work, is in the dictionary” – Vince Lombardi
“’It matters not if the world has heard or approves or understands…the only applause we’re meant to seek is that of nail-scarred hands” -BJ Hoff


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