Introduction: I am writing this blog about my leadership style as it relates to my Jung Typology assessment

I recently completed the Jung Typology test and I scored the following result: ISJT. Which is Introvert-Sensing-Thinking-Judging type.  Based on the computer assessment [1], I scored 33% in the Introvert section while the rest of the sections were as follows: 1% in Sensing, 1% in Thinking, and 44% in Judging.
Breaking that down, that means that I have a moderate preference of Introversion over Extroversion. Following I have marginal or no preference for Sensing over Intuition.  I have marginal or no preference for Thinking over Feeling.  Ending with moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving.

Displaying Leadership
Prefers to avoid crises by planning well in advance. [2]

There is a saying in the military that goes, “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss-poor Performance” which has been a pillar of one my leadership traits.  I love to plan ahead for an activity or goal. I don’t like to be caught off guard.

One example was when I was in the Army, my unit was going to the Range to qualify on firing on M16 rifles, and per the Soldier’s Hand Book, soldiers are to bring their TA50 gear (ie: wet-weather-gear) to all range activities, this day however, no one from my company brought their gear, except me.  Coincidentally, it just happened to rain. I was the only one who didn’t get wet.  I lead by example, by planing ahead and following procedures.

How I differ in leadership
Being perfectionists themselves, they have a tendency to take other peoples efforts for granted” [3]

Based on this sentence from my profile type, I am not a perfectionist at all.  In fact, I have failed at many things in my life, maybe even most things.  What would better represent me as a leader, instead of “perfection”, would be perseverance and/or never giving up.  I will work to get something right, even if I have to do it more then once.

This shows dedication and loyalty which would also be pillars of great leaders, and possibly some of the traits I would have.  Of course I would like it if everything worked out, but that isn’t always the case, and since I don’t hold myself to a “perfectionist” standard, I able to learn and grown with out contempt and disdain for myself.

Overcoming Challenges and skills
As stated above, I like to plan in advance to not be caught of guard from a situation, so the skill and challenge that I have overcome has honestly been, To-do Lists.  Writing down my goals, or just simple things I have had to do has just been a great skill to have.  I have been able to focus and stay on-top of things whether it was a job related issue or a personal matter.

Another challenge and skill I have developed has been, “Mind-over-mattress.” Setting an alarm and waking up at the same time everyday had created structure and discipline in my life, thus helping me overcoming the challenge of sleeping in and being stagnant or just plain old lazy.  Promptness is a great leadership talent!

A final skill that I have tried to lead on, is having a clean and organized home.  I have worked to help my children understand this concept by giving them daily chores and weekly clean up routines.  This has helped them feel better about their home and reflects in less bickering and sibling fighting, also with high grades and high self esteem.

Identifying my leadership style
I have discovered my leadership style by reading an article on the website HR Personality.  In this article it states that I would be a Transactional Leader.  This would mean that I would “achieve set goals by acting within established procedures and standards…and meet standards precisely as prescribed or agreed upon” [4]  It seems that this emphasizes my style that I would fit into this type of box by following the “by-the-book” method.  I would tend to want structure then thus lead based on the prescribed mode.

As I was writing this paper, I thought this information, that I discovered, was similar to a horoscope, by revealing interesting personality traits and potential leadership abilities.  I also gained some insights in many areas like: about how I would problem solve, react in love situations, and/or have special talents.  I thought some of the data was spot on, and way off in others, but overall being mostly positive and productive feedback.

What’s interesting to me, is how some of the information revealed was new to me and things I haven’t considered before, so it was enlightening to discover.  I also had the sense by the tones of several of the articles that human resource type people would use these in employment determination.

I now realize that I have a tremendous amount of potential in achieving what ever I put my mind to.

While the assignment instructions mentioned to use the web site, Oddly Developed Types, I was unable to use that resource because my “leadership profile” was “Under Construction” and was thus required to use other sources as stated below.


[1] hummanmetrics.com
[2] testsonthenet.com/type/reports/istj.asp
[3] personalitypage.com/ISTJ
[4] hrpersonality.com/resources/leadershipstyles.aspx


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