Introduction: For this blog I am outlining my educational plan here for the next two years.

Below is my education plan for my tenure at MCTC. For Fall of 2013 the Addiction Counseling classes didn’t open up, but may still open as people drop. So some modification would/will happen to this list. This is not a definite list, but with adjust somewhat, but this would be the basic plan. I am quite excited about this. Below is the lay out for the next 2 years.

Fall of 2013
Statway I ( MATH0145) (5.0 credits)
College English (ENGL1110) (3.0 credits)
Information studies (INFS1000) (2.0 credits)
Ethics (PHIL1171) (3.0 credits)
Total credits: 13

Spring of 2014
Introduction to Addictionology (COUN2510) (3.0 credits)
Multicultural Counseling Skills (COUN2540) (3.0 credits)
College English (ENGL1111) (3.0 credits)
American Government & Politics (PSCI1101) (3.0 credits)
Total credits: 12

Summer of 2014
Co-Occuring Substance Abuse & Mental Health Disorders (COUN2930) (3.0 credits)
American studies-Ethic America (AMST1132) (3.0 credits)
Total credits: 6

Fall of 2014
Psychopharmacology (COUN2520) (3.0 credits)
Assessment & Interviewing (COUN2620) (3.0 credits)
Intro to Human Services & Career Assessment (HSER1001) (4.0 credits)
Human Biology (BIO1127) (3.0 credits)
Total credits: 13

Spring of 2015
Case Management & Legal & Ethical Standards (COUN2630) (3.0 credits)
Group Counseling (COUN2640) (3.0 credits)
Practicum Assessment & Preparation (COUN2650) (1.0 credit)
Human Biology lab (BIO1128) (1.0 credit)
World History 1: Ancient & Pre-Modern World (HIST1000) (4.0 credits)
Total credits: 12

Summer of 2015
Practicum I (COUN2730) (5.0 credits)
Applying Psychology (PSYC1100) (3.0 credits)
Total credits: 8

Fall of 2015
Practicum II (COUN2830) (5 credits)
French (FREN1000) (5 credits)
Intro to Sleep & Rest (HLTH1000) (3.0 credits)
Total credits: 13


In the event something opens up or I have not enough credits for the semester, as I have to take 12 credits for full-time credit for my Military MGIB benefits, and summer is 6 credits for full time respectively. I have included a partial list of other classes I would be interested in taking.

Careers in education, child, and youth development / EDUC1000 / 1.0
Foundations in herbal medicine / HERB1000 / 3.0
Intro to Sleep & Rest / PSOM1000 / 3.0
Critical Thinking / PHIL1110 / 3.0
Intro to Philosophy / PHIL1115 / 3.0

This is my basic outline and subject to change with out notice, as classes become available and or dropped. I may or may not take some of the electives as time progresses and feelings or moods change. College is going to be an evolving and flexible experience. Indeed, my target goals will still be the same to achieve the Addiction Counseling AAS and thus find employment that area of the economy.


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