a. Obtain my Bachelors of Social Work degree in ~5 years by attending MCTC for the first two years, then transferring over to Metro State University to complete my degree. Maintain my GPA with 80%, by daily studying and reading course material and fulfilling daily To-do lists.

b. Complete my first 7 credits in college during the 2013 summer by August 2013. Attend all assigned classes, read each assignment and complete homework, limit personal down times, and hand in work on time. When stuck on information, ask instructor or ask a tutor for help.

c. Finish recording my music EP by recording three hours a week, on Fridays, with a projected completion around September 2013 (approx. 18 hours of recording time). Release via internet and send promotional copies to music blogs for music reviews.


a. Keep a calendar or a To-do list to jot down my assignments (#10).  This will ensure that I keep-up on homework, tasks, and projects in a timely manner. This is important so I stay organized. I choose this because I need to get in the habit of writing down important information like: assignments, To-do’s, and various other tasks.

b. Put up reminders in my home about my goals (#12). This can help me focus on what my short term & long term goals are. This is important because I will have something to gauge my time and efforts off of and remain on track. I choose this goal because I need to remind myself why I am in school so I stay vigilant in staying in school.

c. Plan my day each morning or the night before so I can set priorities for myself (#14).  This is important so I stay organized, so as to take everything to school that I would need and not forget assignments or projects. I picked this goal because I like to lay things out the night before so I anticipate my next days activities so I’m not caught off guard.


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